Terms and conditions


Any reservation made with ELITE EVASION implies unreserved acceptance of these general terms of sale.
The term “client” refers to any individual or legal entity using the services of the company ELITE EVASION.
The driver providing the service undertakes to ensure that these general terms and conditions of sale are respected and may decide to temporarily exclude any customer who has breached them, depending on the seriousness of the facts. In this case, no refund or compensation will be due.



Any service provided by ELITE EVASION must be the subject of a prior reservation, confirmed in writing (by e-mail, SMS or validation of the reservation form on site). It can be made by the client or a duly authorised representative.
Reservations can be made on the website www.elite-evasion.fr, by telephone or by e-mail.

All reservations must include the following information:

  • The name and contact details of the natural or legal person on whose behalf the transport is being provided,
  • The number of passengers,
  • The date and time of pick-up
  • The place of pick-up
  • The place of drop-off
  • The date and time of the reservation
  • The price of the service and the amount of the deposit paid
  • The number of pieces of luggage and their size
  • Duration of the service for the provision of luggage

Any special requirements (animals, special luggage, transport of children in car seats, etc.) must be specified at the time of booking, otherwise ELITE EVASION will not be able to honour the service.
This information will be included on the Reservation Form which acts as a contract of carriage between the client and the company ELITE EVASION, presented to the client at the time of pick-up and signed by the latter.

Pets must be kept on a leash or in a cage and their presence must be specified at the time of booking.

The quantity and size of luggage must be specified at the time of booking. If this is not the case, ELITE EVASION reserves the right to refuse all or part of the luggage, or even to provide the service (volume of luggage transported proportional to the capacity of the vehicle).
Each piece of luggage may not exceed 35 kg per passenger and the latter must not present any risk of deterioration for the vehicle.

The reservation will only be validated by the payment of a deposit of at least 50% of the total amount of the service. In order to ensure the availability of ELITE EVASION’s drivers, the reservation must be made, as far as possible, at least 24 hours in advance. In the case of a provision of a service, long distance journey or other specific service, a reservation period of 48 hours in advance is required.

ELITE EVASION reserves the right to refuse the reservation in case of unavailability of vehicles.



The service is valid only once.
The service begins on the day and at the time previously agreed between the client and the company ELITE EVASION, and on departure from the location given by the client. It ends on the day and at the time of return of the vehicle to its place of departure.

In the event of delay or absence of the client at the previously agreed pick-up location, the driver will wait 15 minutes. After this time, the company ELITE EVASION will consider the service cancelled. This will be invoiced to the client and will not give rise to any reimbursement.

Are included in the service:

  • The vehicle made available to the client
  • The provision of a driver who speaks at least French
  • Professional insurance for the passengers transported for payment, the kilometres covered, the maintenance of the vehicle, the fuel and the duration determined at the time of booking the service
  • The transport of the client’s luggage within the limits of the vehicle’s possibilities
  • The cost of tolls

The service does not include

  • The cost of car parks and parking areas
  • Entrance fees to sites (museums, theatres, stadiums, etc.)
  • Entrance fees to public places

ELITE EVASION reserves the right to refuse, for any reason whatsoever, any service that it considers unfeasible.

For trips scheduled over several days, the following fixed rates will be invoiced to the client:

  • Fixed price for meals of €25.00 per day including tax
  • Hotel night + breakfast package of 120.00€ per day



Any modification of the journey during the service by the Client may result in additional costs which will be invoiced to the Client.
These requests will result in a modification of the Reservation Form, and the driver has the right to accept or not the client’s request.

For the provision of services, any hour started is due and any additional hour to the fixed price established by the contract will be invoiced at the rate in force.
For transfers, any additional kilometre to the fixed price established by the contract will be invoiced at the current rate.



Any cancellation of the service, occurring between the reservation and 48 hours before the service, will result in a charge of 50% of the total amount of the service.

Any cancellation of the service between 48 hours and the hour or beyond the hour of pick-up will result in a charge of 100% of the total amount of the service.

After a 15-minute waiting period at the pick-up location, the service is considered due and invoiced to the client.

If the client is absent from the pick-up location, the service is considered due and billed to the client.



The driver is authorised to objectively refuse access to the vehicle to a client whose behaviour is clearly a risk of disturbing public order (drunkenness, aggressiveness, various forms of violence, etc.) or who is likely to disturb other users (lack of hygiene, etc.).
If the customer displays any of these behaviours during the journey, the driver may force him/her to leave the vehicle (underage passengers with this type of behaviour will be taken to the nearest police station).
The driver reserves the right to refuse any instructions or requests from the client that he considers to be of a nature to compromise the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and other road users.

The customer must :

  • travel seated
  • fasten his or her seat belt (article R 412-1 of the French Highway Code) at the front and rear of the vehicle
  • respect the conditions of service set up by the company ELITE EVASION

On board our vehicles, it is forbidden to :

  • smoking (decree no. 92-478 of 29 May 1992)
  • put your feet on the seats
  • soiling or damaging the equipment, throwing rubbish out of the windows
  • travel with flammable, toxic, dangerous or foul-smelling objects
  • hindering the driver and/or his driving without compelling reason
  • Disturbing traffic and other road users by any attitude whatsoever
  • operate the emergency exits or any door opening/closing device, except in the event of an accident
  • move around in the vehicle during the journey (article 223-1 of the Penal Code)
  • handle lighters, matches, cutters, penknives, scissors or any object likely to endanger the health and safety of others (article 223-1 of the Penal Code)
  • disturbing the peace and quiet of passengers
  • demand that the driver exceed the speed limits or commit traffic offences

ELITE EVASION reserves the right to interrupt the service in progress if the customer commits an offence or if the customer’s behaviour endangers the safety of the driver or others.

The respect and the good use of the material is rigorous. Any deterioration of the equipment and any damage caused to the interior of the vehicle will be charged to the client.

Damage and other acts of vandalism and incivility will be prosecuted with a request for repairs or compensation.

The driver is the only one to open and close the boot in order to load and unload its contents. The driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers from the moment they are picked up until they leave the vehicle.

ELITE EVASION recognises the obligation to take the necessary measures to preserve the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.
ELITE EVASION prohibits any dangerous, toxic, inconvenient or illegal materials on board the vehicles, even in the luggage.

The luggage or any other object belonging to the customer is under his entire responsibility.



The company ELITE EVASION cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of the contents of the luggage or the luggage transported.

ELITE EVASION cannot be held responsible for delays due to road traffic beyond its control (blocked roads, bridges closed to traffic, traffic jams, flooded roads, demonstrations, weather conditions, intervention by the police, fire brigade or customs, etc.).

ELITE EVASION can in no way be held responsible for delays directly resulting from an initial delay by the customer or from the need to carry out a journey at the customer’s request within a timeframe that is clearly too short.

In the event of immobilisation of the vehicle due to mechanical failure, accident or damage, ELITE EVASION will endeavour to ensure the continuity of the journey with another vehicle or a vehicle chartered to another company.



The responsibility of the company ELITE EVASION is limited to the clauses of its insurance contract and its professional insurance “subscribed for the transport of passengers for consideration”.



ELITE EVASION undertakes to respect the privacy of its clients and the information collected from them will not be transmitted to third parties under any circumstances, in accordance with the French law on Information Technology and Liberties n°78-17 of 6 January 1978.
The rights of access and rectification are exercised at the head office of the company ELITE EVASION.



Any complaint must be addressed to Mr Florian CIABRINI, president of the company ELITE EVASION, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the address of the head office: 37 Chemin des Hirondelles – 13330 PELISSANNE, within a maximum period of 5 days / 120 hours after the execution of the service.
After this period, only the Commercial Court of Salon-de-Provence will be competent.

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